Sativa Cannabis Seed Killer Haze Auto

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  • Fast-growing Sativa
  • Adapted to the Danish Climate.
  • High Resistance to mold and diesease.
  • Great returns.
  • Easy to grow indoors & outdoors.
  • Fast delivery + Free bonus seeds on all orders.
  • 100% Feminized Autoflower Seeds.
Indoor & Outdoor
(Kerella Haze x Amnesia haze) x Lowryder.
Height Outdoor
Yeld i gr/m2
600-900 gr/m2.
90 days from seed.
THC Level
23% | CBD: 0,2%
Uplifting, euphoric and creative.
Explosion of tropical fruits.
Strong sweet mango and mandarin aroma.

Lowryder Amnesia Haze seeds “Killer Haze Auto”

KILLER HAZE, a legendary tropical sativa with great yield potential and super medicinal properties at the same time, the variety is great for making concentrates. A must try from CPHSeeds

CPHSeeds are very chairs of Killer Haze – aka Godzilla Haze, the variety is a complex cross of a pure haze from South India and the legendary HyPro cut of Amnesia Haze crossed with a fast floral phenotype of our “Danish” Lowryder. Killer Haze, grows like a classic haze and becomes relatively large in a short time and requires support to keep the many top shots it produces. The story of the South Indian Haze we used in Killer Haze:

The South Indian state of Kerella is a mecca of local and undiscovered cannabis varieties and genetics, during one of CPHseed’s many travels we met an elderly French lady who lived up in the mountains. For the past 20 years, she had bred a super potent pure haze variety that smells of mango and ripe tangerines. The variety in its pure form takes 14 weeks to finish flowering, so we chose to cross it with, HyPro´s Amnesia Haze to reduce the flowering time. A selected pheno of Kerella x Amnesia Haze we have then crossed with our super cute and crystal filled Lowryder.

The result is a super potent auto-flowering Haze that smells of a blend of ripe tangerines and tropical mangoes.

A Legend within autoflowers is born!


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