Tropical Kush a modern day hash plant

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  • Original Hash Plant no 1 !!!!.
  • More than 500.000 seeds sold
  • The glue that makes hash melt together.
  • Not all trichomes are created equal.
  • Can be grown outdoors in warm climates
  • Fast delivery + Free bonus seeds on all orders.
  • 100% Feminized Autoflower Seeds.
Tropical Snow #9 x Copenhagen Kush
Hight Outdoor
Yeld i gr/m2
700 gr/m2.
58-65 days
THC Level
+29-30% | CBD: 0%

Tropical Kush: A Modern-Day Hash Plant with Unrivaled Success

Experience the Superb Trichome Delight of Tropical Kush. Tropical Kush has become a beloved strain that holds a special place in our hearts. With over half a million seeds sold, Tropical Kush’s immense popularity is a testament to its extraordinary success.

Super Trichomer – A Delight for Hash Enthusiasts.

Tropical Kush is a true hash plant, renowned for its ability to produce exceptional quality drysift that effortlessly melts together, resulting in delectable black hash. The resinous trichomes present on this strain are unparalleled, making it a favorite among back hash connoisseurs and producers.

A Potent and Enigmatic Combination.

Enthusiasts familiar with Tropical Snow #9 and Copenhagen Kush S1 understand that their progeny will undoubtedly possess remarkable potency and offer a captivating cerebral experience. At Copenhagen Seed Company, we adore Tropical Kush and its expansive, crystal-coated flowers, which captivate the senses.

A Modern-Day Hash Plant with Unique Trichomes.

Tropical Kush is the successful result of crossing Tropical Snow #9 with Tim Berry’s cut of Copenhagen Kush, also known as The English Cut. Both parent strains are renowned for their extract production capabilities and rich cannabis profiles, making them the perfect combination for creating a winning strain—Tropical Kush. This variety continues to exhibit its characteristic traits, including towering and resin-drenched colas.

Distinguishing Trichomes: Not All Are Created Equal!

While trichomes may appear similar at first glance, extraction artists and connoisseurs recognize that their properties can differ significantly. Tropical Kush boasts trichomes that are naturally prone to detachment, earning it the title of a true “hash plant.” This unique characteristic, along with its abundant essential oil content, allows the buds to effortlessly stick together, forming exceptional hash. Tropical Kush delivers a soft Afghan quality with delightful notes of spicy sweetness.

A Strain That Thrives Outdoors.

Tropical Kush can reach impressive sizes and flourish outdoors in regions such as Spain, Morocco, and California. Its sublime blend of sativa and indica genetics results in an effect that perfectly balances uplifting cerebral stimulation with a profound body relaxation. This long-lasting and full-body experience sets Tropical Kush apart from the rest.  Tropical Kush have proven itself on a hectare scale, consistently producing two to three times more hashish compared to other varieties. It’s exceptional performance has garnered widespread recognition, particularly in regions like Morocco, where Tropical Kush are and have been extensively utilized for hashish production.

With Tropical Kush, you can discover your own cannabis cup winner in each seed pack. Its stellar quality and outstanding characteristics make it a strain that can compete and triumph at any cannabis cup event when cultivated to perfection.


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